Safe deposit

Created: 2018-03-14 21:31:36, Last modified: 2018-03-14 21:31:43

The safe deposit is a system developed for Svartberget research station, and is intended to be a system where researchers who are active at Svartberget can easily collect their research materials, find ongoing and past research projects and collaborators, as well as make their research materials easily accessible to the public. Svartberget gets an easy to use system for collecting and analysing key statistics about researchers, which we can then report to the organisations which fund our infrastructures. The intention is that the safe deposit will act as a long-term storage solution to ensure that research data can be found in the future.

Currently, you can access the safe deposit here:, but the system will eventually move to

The controls pane lives on the left hand side of the page and lists actions the user can take and pages the user can navigate to. The available options will vary depending on if the user is logged in or not, which page the user is on and which access level the user has.